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YFM activates exciting Valentine Promotions


This Valentine season promises to be exciting, as Y107.9 FM, the station for the young and young at heart, celebrates the season of love with two exciting promos.

From the first week in February, listeners can participate in the ‘My Valentine’ promo by calling in on all the live programs and sharing their fondest memories of their valentine. They can also use the lyrics of love songs to write a note to their valentine, sing along to a love tune that is being played on the program, or using the titles of love songs to write notes to their valentine, which would be read on air.

The first two callers who impress the presenter with their love stories and songs will win prizes such as hampers from Unilever, shopping vouchers from Puma, bottles of Baileys and other exciting prizes.

The second promo, the ‘Hook-up’, is targeted at prospective lovers aged 18 and above; listeners can participate by texting their full names and gender to the short code 1721 with the prefix VALS.  The first 20 female and male entries would be selected, after which they would be contacted to meet at the Silver Lounge on 16th February where they would be treated to a cocktail, a movie experience at the Silverbird Cinemas, a photo shoot session as well as getting goodies from sponsors.

According to Eric Twum, the station manager of YFM, “It’s the month and season of love, so we want to engage with our numerous listeners by giving them the opportunity to celebrate Valentine in a special way.”

“This is a great opportunity to surprise and show appreciation to your valentine, who could be your significant other, mother, father, sibling, or any person you really love and appreciate,” he continued.

Sponsors of this YFM Valentine experience include Silver Lounge, Silverbird Cinemas, Fiesta Condom, Close-up, Puma, Baileys and Spendstre Foto store.

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