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President cuts sod for commencement of HOPE City project

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John Dramani Mahama Hope city


President John Dramani Mahama Monday launched a $10-billion Information and Communications Technology (ICT) city for Rlg Communications at Dunkunaa in Accra.

Christened HOPE City, the proposed business and residential facility will comprise six towers of different dimensions. One of the towers will be 75 storeys tall, making it the tallest in Africa, while two will comprise 60 storeys, with the remaining three consisting of 42 storeys.

Scheduled to be completed within three years, the project will have classrooms, offices, residential accommodation and sports facilities.

HOPE City, which is a collaboration between Rlg and Microsoft, is expected to provide work for more than 50,000 people and host 25,000 inhabitants.

HOPE City, an acronym for Home, Office, People and Environment, will have equipment and facilities for the design, fabrication and assembling of ICT software and hardware and many other innovative products.

The structure, designed by an Italian company, resembles a typical northern family home made up of many individual homes. The concept is based on the idea of Mr Roland Agambire, the Chairman of the Agams Group and Chief Executive Officer of Rlg Communications.

President Mahama, supported by the Senior Vice-President for Microsoft Africa, Mr Ali  Famamwy, Mr Agambire and ministers of state, pressed the button to mark the beginning of the project.

In his address, the President said HOPE City was in line with the government's promise to pave the way for the private sector to lead the transformation of the country from a lower middle-income one to a fully fledged middle-income country.

"The next stage of our transformation will be led by the private sector," he said.

President Mahama said HOPE City would work alongside the National Technology Park being put up in Tema.

He gave the assurance that the government would give tax relief to the HOPE City Project.

Mr Agambire said rlg Communications had signed agreements with the Microsoft Corporation and the Guma Group in South Africa towards the realisation of the project.

He said it was his dream to see the HOPE City export technology project across the globe, saying, “I am convinced HOPE City will afford us the platform to bridge the gap with the rest of the international community.”

“I am happy and proud to say that rlg continues to lift high the flag of Ghana on the international stage and what we are witnessing today is ample testimony of our resolve to operate at that level of excellence,” he said.

Mr Agambire stressed the need for the public and private sector to combine expertise, knowledge and resources to bring development to the people.

Mr Famamwy described the HOPE City project as a massive innovation with a potential to unearth the talent of the youth and create jobs for more people.

He underscored the need for the youth to be given the necessary training in ICT since that was the demand of the current world.

Mr Famamwy said Microsoft had put in place a mechanism to support any company with innovation, skills development and research and development.

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