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NHIS registers 1.12 million indigents in 2013

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The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has announced it has registered 1,124,438 poverty-stricken people across the country.


Govt releases GH¢100m to pay contractors

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Ghana E

The government has released GH¢100 million to clear arears owed contractors working on rural roads in cocoa, sheanut and coffee- growing areas.


'Rethink corporate social responsibility'

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Mining meeting

Mining companies have been advised to actively engage members of their host communities before embarking on corporate social responsibility projects in order to meet the actual needs of the people.


George Aggudey's imprisonment should be a lesson - SSNIT tells employers, employees

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Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has said the imprisonment of presidential candidate of the Convention People's Party (CPP) in the 2004 elections George Aggudey for failing to pay the SSNIT contributions of his workers should serve as a wake up call to defaulting employers.


Political appointments must be equitably distributed - Volta chiefs advise

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Volta chiefs new

The chiefs and people of three traditional areas in the South-Dayi District in the Volta Region have called on the government to ensure that Members of Parliament (MP), district chief executive (DCE) and Presiding Member positions in a heterogeneous district should not come from the same traditional area.

They said political positions must be equitably distributed among the four traditional area - Tongor, Kpeve, Kpalime and Peki -as it pertained in the South Dayi District.

The call was made by the Tongor, Kpalime and Kpeve traditional areas in a press statement jointly signed by their paramount chiefs, Torgbui Asuo Kwesi V, Torgbui Adza Wiah Kwesi II and Torgbui Aku Dompeh XI respectively and issued at a press conference held at Kpeve at the weekend.

According to the statement read by the Regent of Tongor-Tsanaakpe,Torgbui Dompreh Aboagye, both Peki and Kpalime traditional areas had already held the position of DCE and that for equity to prevail, it should now be the turn of Tongor and Kpeve traditional areas to contest that position.

It said it was the agreement of the Kpalime, Tongor and Kpeve traditional areas that key positions within South Dayi District Assembly such as the DCE should be rotated among the four traditional areas, adding that a fair and impartial approach would promote peaceful coexistence and greater socio-cultural cohesion among the four traditional areas that constituted the district.

“As chiefs, we are concerned about the kind of unbridled politics being practised in the South-Dayi District. We have realised that major decisions affecting the district are taken by one or two NDC constituency executive members at the constituency office, championed by the current NDC chairperson without any consultation with key stakeholders such as the traditional authorities from the four traditional areas”, the statement said.

“Decisions are based on horizontal views instead of the lateral approach. This approach is dangerous and works against the peace, progress and development of the district”, it added.

The statement affirmed the commitment of the chiefs to continue pursuing the course of peace and justice, adding that the greatest challenge facing the district was the unfair distribution of political leadership positions, programmes and resources, adding that as a result of the one-sided nature of issues, geo-politics is very rife within the district, deeply entrenched and getting to dangerous levels.

The statement urged the government to nominate DCE who is fit, not far advanced in age, very articulate and gifted with foresight and very positive in his views to help improve on the fortunes of the district.

“We also want someone who has the flair and passion for peaceful coexistence, development-oriented, respectful and have the capacity to maintain good interpersonal relationship with all manner of people who comes his way”, the statement said, adding that no individual person should be allowed to impose his private interest and preference over the people, especially in the nomination of the DCE.