“Come to Mexico and do investigation for 1 second” — Mexican drug lord dares Anas

A Mexican drug lord name [withheld] is doubting whether Ghanaian undercover journo, Anas Aremeyaw Anas could carry out an investigative piece in the Mexico and survive it.

Although he admitted that he admires the works of Anas, believes the award winning journalist uses week filed for his investigations.

“I believe He (Anas) is one of the best investigators in the world. I have been following his work for sometime now. I admire him a lot”, he reveled.

A lot of investigative works have been done by the ace journalist in the sus-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world. Some of his works include: Ghana sex mafia, Ghana judiciary scandal, Nigeria’s baby farmers, Number 12 among others.

But the drug lord challenged Anas to try Mexico as if he succeeds, he will gift him one hundred million US dollars.

“I want Anas to try Mexico for just one second. I will personally transfer $100,000,000.00 into his account if he survives. Just let him try investigating Mexico for a second. Am waiting for him”, said the drug lord.