If you want to win in an election, have a Northerner by your side – Lucifer advises


Spiritualist and Quotation Master, also known as Kweku Lucifer, has advised that if anyone wants to win in an election or a battle, then they must have a Northerner by their side.

During an interview on Ghana’s number one religious show ‘Nsem Pii’, he explained this assertion per his knowledge that among the first generation of Israelites and Egyptians, there were black people and among the divisions of these blacks, those who were in the Northern parts were the warriors of the land.

“There was a tribe that was made up of Israel’s warriors and they were the ones who led every battle. Without them, no one could lead. If you break down the migration story, they are the ones who settled in the Northern part of Ghana as well as other countries.

When the Akans came to Ghana and there were petty fights, they knew that it is only their fellow Northerners who can help them fight. They knew that when it comes to them, no one comes close in battle so they went to the Northern Region and brought them to the Akan land to help them fight”, he said.

Lucifer observed that in Ghana, whenever someone forms a group or organization, they use Northerners to push their agenda because the job of these Northerners is to help people and agendas succeed.

He, however, noted that one huge mistake that the Northerners keep making is with the fact that they do not like to take positions, hence they are always used and abandoned.

According to Lucifer, Northerners should rightfully be in the military because they are all born warriors and they are born to succeed.

“You can check with politicians. If anyone wants to win in an election, they have to associate with a Northerner”, the spiritualist further added.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye