Macho Rapper reveals his stay in Abu Dhabi

Macho Rapper

Ghanaian rap artiste, Macho Rapper Da Boricist has revealed that over the period he was gone from the music industry, he was working as a bouncer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, he disclosed to Foster Romanus that he paused music to go work as a bouncer in Abu Dhabi because his music career was not paying much.

‘’In everything you do, it’s all about money and along the line, I was booming all over in Ghana with the music but the money wasn’t really coming so I had to quickly run and go work aside to get something for the family’’, he reiterated.

He confessed that it wasn’t easy taking that decision to drop his music career but being the first born in his family, there was pressure to provide for the family, hence he had to go find a job.

Boricist is back to Ghana to take up his music career from where he left off.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye