Man born with strange features reveals how he became a ‘juju man’

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41year old man,Supreme, whose parents abandoned him because he was born with strange features, has continued with his life story and how he ended up in idol worship.

Supreme shared with Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Nsem Pii, aired on Happy FM that although he did not have school knowledge, he was born with home knowledge. Supreme became his grandfather’s secretary and was in charge of writing down people’s problems whenever they came to his grandfather for healing concoctions.

According to him, since he could not read and write, his grandfather prepared a concoction for him to drink which gave him retentive memory thus, when people came with their problems, he would only listen to them and pretend to be writing but would explain everything to his grandfather from his memory, just as it was told.

Asked by Rev. Nyansa whether he still takes in those herbs, he questioned, ‘’I ate it and I still do. I never went to school so if I don’t learn to prepare herbal medicine and take in some, how will I be a better person?

Supreme revealed that during his time with ‘Odury3fo Kwesi Borsuie’, he learnt how to summon deities and the first he ever summoned was one one called ‘adade’, which he disclosed he used to summon with schnapps and whiskey.

Supreme’s grandfather gave his him adade as his own deity which he would summon and work with whenever he(his grandfather) was not around because his deities were not for him to summon and he has been working with adade ever since.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye