Okoe-Boye shares the inspiration behind his wearing of bowties


Medical Doctor and politician, Doctor Bernard Okoe-Boye has shared the inspiration behind his wearing of afro bowties every so often.

According to him, he has so much admiration and love for traditional dresses but in parliament, it all happens that you have to wear a jacket; “ If I should wear jacket there should be something in the jacket that represents Africa”, He disclosed.

In an interview with Rev Erskine Y107.9FM, Doctor Okoe-Boye said this in reply to why he went for an afro bowtie. “Most people don’t know that the bowtie is not difficult to get and is also easy to wear, unlike the long tie that you have to make a knot”, he stated.

He also added that, with his kind of job, he is always on the go, “so you want something that you can just put on and go and so far my wearing of afro bowtie has been cool”, He stated

By: Doreenda Abbey