We won’t fund anti-pirated taskforce- Textile and garment producers

The textiles and garment producers have threatened not to fund the operations of the anti-pirated task-force inaugurated by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) to overseer the seizure of pirated textiles in the country.
According to the producers; led by Abraham Koomson, the General Secretary of Textile and Garments Workers Union they will not fund the activities of the task-force.
He said members of the association feel slighted by the modus operandi of the sector ministers.
He added that operation of the task-force is still-born because the producers have unanimously decided to distance themselves from the operations of the task-force.
He revealed that when the ministry was inaugurating the task-force it did not deem it fit to invite the key stakeholders (textile producers) to the inauguration let alone to be part of the task-force.
Aside the Ministry not showing respect to the stakeholders, the terms of reference for the task-force has also changed amazingly.
He said when the process started in 2010 the reference was to go to the market places and have the pirated textiles seize from the market women.
But the new terms of reference now is for the task-force to leave the market places and move to the border areas where the textiles are hardly transported through.
He revealed that Nana Addo’s ministers do not believe in growing the textile industry and with this mind set their one- district -one -factory will not see the light of day.